Kayak Mat
Kayak Mat
Kayak Mat
Kayak Mat
Kayak Mat
Kayak Mat

Kayak Mat

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Create an instant, stabile, weed-free launch site for small watercraft


  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • Canoes
  • Small Boats
  • Dinghies
  • And anything that floats!

We’re often asked if we have a mat for launching kayaks and other small watercraft on mucky shores.

Yes, we have just the thing for launching your “yak” — Kayak MatTM
We’ve heard stories of people tipping over and falling into muck and weeds, or 
sinking in muck up to their knees when they try to launch from shore.

One guy said he fell in and came up covered in muck and weeds. “I looked like the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon!”

I once watched my novice paddle boarder neighbor fall in and came out all tangled up in lake weeds. From where I sat, it was hilarious. From his point of view; not so much.

Small watercraft don’t typically need large areas to launch, just enough to get in and out of the water. That’s why Kayak Mat is the perfect fit.

Kayak Mat come in two sizes, 6’x’9 or 6’x14’. Made of super-strong geotextile fabric attached to tough, aluminized-steel frames. Assemble in just 5 minutes, simply lay it where you want to launch and you’re ready to go. You can slide boats on it, walk on it, let your dogs run on it — you can’t hurt it.

Their size makes them minimally intrusive along the natural shore. Weighing just 25 to 30 pounds, Kayak Mats are easy to move to different launch locations. Or leave them in place to create a more permanent launch site.

You can also use Kayak Mats to launch on rocky shores, grassy shores — any type of shore. And they come with a 5-year guarantee!