LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat
LakeBuddy Mat

LakeBuddy Mat

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The small mat that does just about everything!

Compact and easy to move, LakeBuddy is our own crew’s “go-to” mat for working in mucky-weedy lakes. LakeBuddy creates an instant, firm weed-free base to support you working on boats, docks, or anything else where you need a stable base to stand on. Use it to clear brush and other weeds along your water’s edge. Duck hunters have ordered them. Customers with small beach entrances, like beaches with steps in between seawalls use them.

Set a dock section, a small lift, or anything else that fits, on a LakeBuddy. Use LakeBuddy to launch small watercraft in tight spaces. You can use it to eliminate small patches of invasive lily pads or any other lake weeds — it even kills weeds on shore.

It was the ‘Mat With No Name’

For years we’ve made these ‘by request’ for customers who wanted a smaller mat for lots of different reasons — but we never advertised them online. The reason: We didn’t have a name for it! Obvious names, like Work Mat, Multi Mat and Mini Mat are all being used.

The name Muck Buddy was taken. It’s a ‘boot brush’ that attaches to the back of pickup trucks on Reese Hitch receivers. It’s actually pretty cool, (except the link to their website isn’t working).

I clicked on a link to, ‘Bottom Buddy,’ a product described as a “toilet tissue wiping aid.” Look it up if you’d like more information.

When I take an order for one, I called it, “No Name Mat,” and I’d immediately think of Neil Young’s song, ‘Horse With No Name’ and start singing, “I've been through the water on a mat with no name, ‘cause sinking in muck is a pain...” Marketing a “mat with no name” isn’t a very good long-term plan. As a rule, to sell something, it should have a name.

Creates an instant, firmer, weed-free lake bottom

Work Platform

  • Work on boats, docks, lifts without sinking
  • Clear brush in water along your shoreline


  • Support dock sections
  • Support small lifts
  • Support anything that fits

Weed Control

  • Eradicate lily pads and other surface weeds
  • Control all submerged weeds

Small Craft Launch

  • Paddle boards
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Dinghies
  • Small fishing boats

    Made of super-strong geotextile mat on a rugged aluminized-steel frame, LakeBuddy comes in two convenient sizes:
    LakeBuddy — 6’x6’ LakeBuddy XL — 9’x6’