Because you love your lake

Muck & Weed control. 100% effective! 100% Guaranteed!
Because you love your lake…

MuckMat Pro

No more muck, no more weeds - Guaranteed! Have a firm, weed-free lake bottom, even over the deepest, yuckiest muck!
Because you love your lake…

LakeMat Pro

Enjoy your clean, clear, weed-free lake bottom. Chemical free weed control, 100% effective. Promise!
Because you love your lake…

Boatlift Mat
Dock Mat

Lifts and docks stay level and will never sink in muck again!

Smart, sensible, safe solutions for lake weeds and mucky bottoms

Muck is yucky. Lake weeds are icky. Because you’re reading this, you’re probably on a lake, a pond, or river frontage with muck, or weeds — or both. We’ll solve your problem, quickly, easily and affordably.
No chemicals. No cutting. No raking… No kidding!

- For both muck and weeds, our MuckMat Pro gives you a firm, weed-free lake bottom in 30 minutes. Guaranteed!
- For just lake weeds, LakeMat Pro gives you an attractive, weed-free beach to enjoy all summer.
- Boatlift Mats and DockMats give you a firm base in about 10 minutes. Lifts and docks won’t sink. Plus, installing and removing them is much easier.
- If you want a beautiful sandy shore, SandMats provide bases that save your sand, suppress weed growth and inhibit erosion.

Plus, you get a 10-Year 100% Guarantee with all our products. You’ll have the beautiful waterfront you want. Right now. Promise!

No muck
No weeds
No problem!
From $449

Enjoy a firm, weed-free lake bottom,
Proven, Time-tested, Guaranteed.
MuckMat Pro
Lifts and Docks
won't sink
From $299

Pontoon Mat - Boatlift Mat
PWC Mat - Boat Slip Mat
DockMat - Wide DockMat
Boatlift Mats
From $399

Get a beautiful, weed-free lake bottom
No raking.
No chemicals.
No kidding.
LakeMat Pro
A more
adorable shore!
From $139

Enhance the beauty of your
lake with a lovely sandy beach.

SandMat Super SandMat
Muckmat pro

Say goodbye to mucky lake bottoms with our MuckMat Pro.

MuckMat Pro is the only lake muck control product that lets you walk over muck without sinking.

A simple, safe, and easy to install system, it is the most effective way to handle lake bottom muck. As with all of our products, we guarantee that you won’t find a better solution!


Weeds don’t grow with LakeMat Pro!

EASY- no raking

Because you really don’t need to work that hard (and raking just creates more weeds)

SAFE – no chemicals

Because you care about your family, your environment, and your lake

EFFICIENT – make your own beach perfect

Because you don’t need to fix the whole lake

QUICK – under 30 minutes

Because lake time should be about “good times,” not work time


Because you expect our products to work…and they do!

LakeMat Pro vs. Lily Pads Before and After



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“Now our grandkids can enjoy the lake shore as it’s meant to be. We’ll be getting two more this spring.”

Mike M. – TX
MuckMat Pro owner

“I was tired of raking weeds, now they’re all gone, even the lilies. That’s why we bought another one.”

Carla P. – MI
LakeMat Pro owner

“They work great. I bought three of them last year and they are outstanding. I don’t sink, and the kids and my dogs love it. I blow ’em off [clean off silt] with the wave runner. It works great.”

Mark – MI
LakeMat Pro owner

Getting rid of our muck just wasn't an option, which is why we got Boatlift Mat. With the Boatlift Mat we can walk around our boat and we can enjoy walking around the dock area without sinking. I kind a wish it would sink a little more. We have a big lift and a big deck boat that weighs about 5,000 pounds. It doesn't sink at all.

Marc - Michigan
Boatlift Mat owner

I want to thank you! We got a MuckMat Pro from you last year. My grandkids just love it! I thank you, because ever since we bought our cottage in 1982, we've never been able to swim off the dock. We always had to take the boat out to deep water to swim. I want to thank you for giving us our cottage back.

Paul - Michigan
MuckMat Pro owner

We've had our MuckMat for three years now. It's absolutely great. The kids can go and play in our beach now. They'd never go out there before, they didn't like the muck and weeds. To clean it, I just rake it off with a plastic rake. The weeds don't grow and the kids don't sink. We really get to use our lakefront now.

Rick - Michigan
MuckMat owner

The MuckMat Pro works great and does exactly what it's suppose to do. We bought two of them. We have no weeds and we walk out on it with no problem. You can turn a swamp into a nice beach. They're awesome.

Don - Michigan
MuckMat Pro owner